Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I need special clothing and equipment?

A. The only  requirement for beginners  is a pair of flat bottomed shoes or trainers.

     The club has a number of bowls which can be used until you become comfortable with a particular size and weight of bowl.

Q. Is there help to learn how to play?

A. The club has fully qualified coaches and they  will provide tuition in your early days free of charge.

Q. Can I play at any time?

A. The green is available to members daily during the bowling season unless a match is being played or the green is undergoing       maintenance.

Q. Will I have to play in matches?

A. Members volunteer their names for individual matches both at home and away,the team selections are made by the captains.

Q. Does the club have a social side?

A. Yes we do: we have Bingo once per month, Quiz nights,Race nights and other special events organized by the social committee.

Q. How do I start?

A. Contact the club secretary or e-mail the club [See under “Contact Us...”]